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Earn a Master's Degree while Studying Game Production and Management-On Campus or Online

At UAT's campus in Tempe, Arizona.

When can I start?
Apply anytime. Classes on UAT's campus start three times a year: September, January and May. Start Dates  Course List

Graduate tuition changes each catalog year and the most updated information can be found here. 2012-2013 Tuition Costs and Fees

Objectives of the Game Design Degree
Each project will be carried through concept design, documentation, development, testing, Q/A and deployment, and will include all aspects of a complete work including:

  • Lead a project team in implementing design, documentation, development, testing, Q/A and deployment.
  • Develop analytical and management skills needed to successfully complete game projects.
  • Analyze and critique the trends in game design and game technology and how they affect game projects.
  • Develop all of the materials needed to bring a game project to market.
  • Create an innovative work that adds to the field of game design and development.