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War Craft Mod Group

A UAT mod group is creating a game to showcase game strategies and techniques -- while honing their skills and gaining portfolio pieces.

The 18-member group is creating a modification of WarCraft III, a multiplayer fantasy game.

Mike Eilers, the UAT instructor leading the group, said Warcraft was selected because the game tools were well-developed, provide more flexibility, more camera angles and lower processor requirements than other tools.

The goal for the group: finish six levels and 19 cut scenes. It's a relatively modest goal, but Eilers said the group decided to opt for more quality levels, than for quantity levels. The group aims to get the game ready for testing by the end of November. Then, it's time to do revisions and complete the second beta before the end of the semester.

The group is being helped by two professional voice actors that Eilers met through a local stage and screen acting group. The game mod has plans for 60-70 lines of dialogue, with five speaking roles. And when the game comes to the testing phase, several lower-level game classes will be helping with beta testing.

The mod will have new characters (see the concept art for some of the characters). While the mod will remain within the Warcraft III environment and mythology, each level will focus on a different form of game strategy. One level, for example, will focus on stealth and sneaking methods. Another will force the protagonists to defend two fronts simultaneously.