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Lost Shadows Redux

One of UAT's game project groups reached a milestone this month when they gave a school-wide presentation on their progress so far.

The Lost Shadows group is a group of students enrolled in an Independent Study course under the supervision of instructor Derric Clark.

Lost Shadows is using an Unreal Tech game engine to convert features of Unreal Tournament 2 into its own game. The goal by midterm was to create an alpha version of the game, where the documentation, storyline, characters and maps are completed for the first level of the game.

Alex Utting reports on the progress:

All the guys on Lost Shadows are working very hard. We are in crunch time right now because we are trying to get together enough stuff to present during the Tech Forum the first week of April. Sway, our main character is finished (see image) and I am in the process of animating her. Thursday, Anthony and I are headed for Rainbow Studios for a mo-cap session, and after that, all her animations will be done. Our first level is starting to take shape and is looking good. We are making advances everyday, and hopefully we will be able to give a good presentation at the Tech Forum for everyone to enjoy.

Lost Shadows also has created a game development site at: